About Olympia Zine Fest

Olympia Zine Fest is an annual community event that promotes zines and other forms of DIY culture. We strive to create a supportive and accessible safer space for people to promote their work, share new ideas, learn skills, and make new friends.

The fest is organized by a non-hierarchical core group of volunteers with intentions to:

  • Spread the love of zines as an accessible form of creative expression
  • Strengthen community partnerships through outreach and collaboration
  • Prioritize and amplify the voices of underrepresented communities
  • Operate and make decisions from an anti-oppression framework
  • Highlight Olympia as a destination with a diverse creative culture and history

We invite YOU to Olympia to partake in zine adventures, readings, tabling, and workshops. We want to introduce you to our zine community.

Why Olympia?

Olympia, Washington is a magical land tucked between Portland and Seattle. Olympia has a long history of being home to a robust DIY scene that has fostered nationally recognized musicians, activists, and artists. Over the years, creative citizens of Olympia have produced a smorgasbord of seminal music and art festivals, including Yo Yo A Go Go, Ladyfest, Homo A GoGo, the International Pop Underground Convention, Gender Jam, the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, the Oly Old Time Festival and the Olympia Comics Festival.

The Olympia Timberland Library houses a massive collection of over 1,500 zines, and Last Word Books is home to the original Olympia Zine Library. The Evergreen State College has produced many generations of zinesters, comic artists and book artists and has hosted many infoshoppes over the years.