Tips & Tricks for tabling success

Tips & Tricks for Tabling Success

Before the fest

Plan your table out ahead of time! An attractive looking table always draws more people to it. Think about how you want to display your zines. Nice tablecloths and signage is always a plus, too. 2.5 by 3 feet is not a lot of space, so creative arranging (go up, not out) can make a big difference.

Invite your friends! If you’re on facebook, there are invites to the tabling expo and other events on our facebook page. If everyone invited 10 people and they all miraculously attended, that would bring 700 people through the expo. If you don’t do facebook, think about sending an email with links to the zine fest website or a group text. Do you tweet? Instagram? Reddit? Snapchat? Yeah, do that! The more, the merrier. Feel free to tag social media stuff with #olyzf2019 or #olympiazinefest.

Things to bring

Bring your own change! $50 in ones, fives, and tens is generally a good place to start, and you’ll want to do that before the day of the fest. A box to hold your cash is very useful. The nearest ATMs are at the Tulip Credit Union  at 116 Capitol Way N and at the Farmer’s Market at 700 Capitol Way N. The zine fest organizers will not have change for people.

If you have a smartphone, you might want to think about setting up a square account or something similar. People will generally buy more if they can pay with a credit card. The Olympia Center does have free wireless access.

Bring a water bottle, a cup for coffee/tea, and some snacks! We will have limited snacks and beverages for tablers courtesy of some great local businesses. There are also food options available at 222 Market right across the street. 

Wear layers! Sometimes the Olympia Center is cold and sometimes it’s hot. Who knows? It’s an adventure!

Bring something to do while you table. Busy hands make the time go by quickly.

Be a pal!

Please be a good tablemate by abiding by our one chair per half table rule- wedging a second chair in and crowding your table neighbor is bad zine fest etiquette. If you came with a friend or partner, you can take turns sitting at your table and check out some of the cool workshops and other activities going on around the fest. Support the tablers around you by spotting them for breaks, sharing snacks, checking out their stuff, etc. Some great relationships have been forged at zine expos- you will likely make some new friends this weekend!

Excited to see you at the fest!

-Team OZF