2016 Workshops

Olympia Zine Fest Workshop Day will be on Sunday, October 2nd, from 11am to 5 pm at Obsidian and the Mixx 96 Meeting Room. All workshops are free. For more information about venues, click here.


11am to 12:30pm
Mixx 96 – Disability and Zines
Obsidian – How to Win at Zining: Advice from the Pros

1pm – 3pm
Mixx 96 – Zine Writing Workshop for Youth: Start Your Own Revolution Rebel Style Now
Obsidian – Don’t Over-think It: Overcoming Mental Barriers When You’re Trying to Be Creative

3:30pm – 5pm
Mixx 96 – Keys to Writing Successful Recipes for Cookzines
Obsidian – Hey Everybody! Let’s Create a Subversive Political Party

Please also see our festival schedule for details about the Teaching with Zines workshop, taking place at the Olympia Center on Saturday, October 1st.

Workshop Descriptions:

Disability and Zines
Facilitated by Sabine Rear and Kayla Rosen
There are lots of disabled, d/Deaf, sick, neurodivergent, mad, crip, etc. folks making great zines! Let’s hang out and talk about it. We’ll discuss the politics of disabled art, how zine culture and disabled culture intersect, how we make and share zines to create access. Disabled zinesters will have an opportunity to share work they’ve made and how they produce, distribute, and take in zines. Abled people are welcome to attend and are asked to respect the space by prioritizing disabled attendees.

Don’t Overthink It: Overcoming Mental Barriers When You’re Trying to Be Creative
Facilitated by Osa Atoe
Everyone has gone through this: You think of a creative idea but then over complicate it in your head to the point where can’t even begin working on bringing the idea to fruition. Or you start and you feel like it sucks so you dont finish. DIY culture says everyone can do anything; Dont let what you donthave (be it expensive materials or technical skill) stop you from using what you do have. We all like how this sounds, but how do we actually push through our insecurities, creative blocks and apprehensions and follow through? This workshop will be a discussion where everyone is invited to participate. If you’re stuck on a project, we’ll try to give you some advice and encouragement. If you’ve gotten hung up in your head about a project for a long time but managed to push through and make something you’re relatively proud of, tell us how you did it. Other questions to consider: What are the pros and cons of “putting yourself out there”, i.e. sharing your creativity with the world vs. keeping it to yourself? What or where is the healthy middle ground between raw, DIY, self-taught creative output and well-practiced, trained expression? If you can be less critical of your own creativity, will you be less critical of yourself in general and thus less judgemental of others? Discussion facilitated by Osa Atoe.

Hey Everybody! Let’s Create a Subversive Political Party
Facilitated by Chris Sabatini
This workshop is centered around the development of the Olympia Comics Party, an upstart political organization which promotes its agenda strictly through the medium of self-made comics. This ground-level planning meeting will allow participants to draft the platform and contribute to the inaugural OCP publication. Participants will also have the opportunity to donate to the party’s coffers, which consists entirely of home-made currency.

This workshop will combine elements of political discussion, collaborative live drawing, subversive economics, and compilation zines.  The program will begin with an oratory on the current political climate in the U.S. and the necessity for street-level political movements.  The presenter will briefly pitch his 40 year campaign for Mayor of Olympia and distribute the preamble to his Olympia Comics Party platform, which has been crafted in the form of a comic zine.  The floor will then be open to debate and discussion on the issues and stances to be adopted by that platform, and interested parties can participate in creating their own contributions to it, for inclusion in forthcoming editions of the ongoing Olympia Comics Party Platform zine.  Attendees are invited to bring their favorite zine-making materials.  This will be a U.S. dollar-free space; hand-made currencies will be welcome (though not required).  Open to all peoples of all ages and abilities; only hateful rhetoric will be openly mocked.

How to Win at Zining: Advice from the Pros
Facilitated by Kelsey Smith
Sage Adderley, Anna Vo, and Alex Wrekk will participate in a panel discussion about how to up your zine game. Topics will include table merchandising advice, how to engage table “customers” at fests, zinester etiquette, tips for selling online, connecting with distros, participating in trading and collaborative projects, overcoming zine fails, and more. This workshop will be particularly useful for new zinesters, but we welcome anyone interested in sharing ideas.

Keys to Writing Successful Recipes for Cookzines
Facilitated by Melanie Shelton
Learn how to turn your favorite baked or cooked dish into a recipe for your cook zine that is accessible at any level of experience, skill or understanding. We’ll discuss methods, measurements, techniques, and recipe layouts.

Zine Writing Workshop for Youth: Start Your Own Revolution Rebel Style Now
Facilitated by Nyxia Grey
This workshop is designed for young feminists to explore issues that surround youth, school, being male/female/non-binary in the world. I will discuss the importance of zines and self-publishing, the urgency for voices to be heard, and then a conversation about what frustrations our young folks are currently facing.