2017 Workshops

2017 Workshops

Saturday, October 14

Olympia Center room 101
12:30 PM  to 2:00 PM: GIANT GIANT COMIC
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM: Combating Fatphobia

Olympia Center room 102
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM: You might already be a member of the F.A.S.S.T. Club!
1:45 PM to 3:30 PM: Shrinky Dinks!

Sunday, October 15

MIXX 96 Conference Room
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM: How to Self-publish Your Book
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM: You Matter, Always: a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Workshop
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Correspondence Club with Olympia Zine Fest Organizers and Friends


Facilitated by Taylor Dow
12:30 PM, Olympia Center room 101
In this workshop we will work collaboratively to create a massive, wall-sized comic, complete with with group-generated characters and locations. Each of us will contribute a single, oversized panel to the narrative as we watch it grow into a masterpiece! All experience levels welcome.

Combating Fatphobia
Facilitated by Molly Bess
2:30 PM, Olympia Center room 101
Combating Fatphobia is a workshop that aims to create a working definition of Fatphobia in communities and give participants tools and language about the topic of Fatphobia, to bring to their own social circles and beyond. We will spend some time on an activity about anti-fat bias, learn about how the medical industrial complex exploits “the obesity epidemic” for profit, and much more! Combating Fatphobia is a place for everyone, but we ask especially for participants that do not experience Fatphobia to please attend!

You might already be a member of the F.A.S.S.T. Club
Facilitated by Alex Wrekk
12:30 PM, Olympia Center room 102
Do you have too many ideas and start too many projects? You might already be a be a member of F.A.S.S.T. (Failing At Stop Starting Things) Club. What started as joke between friends with overactive imaginations has become a support group and incubator for ideas and projects. Participation is strongly encouraged. Each person should be prepared to answer these questions:
* Name a project you have completed
* Name a project you are working on
* Name a dream project that you’ve been storing away in your head
We will all share our projects and brainstorm problem solving ideas to help each other achieve find ways to bring our ideas into reality.

Shrinky Dinks!
Facilitated by OZF artist of honor Liz Yerby
1:45 PM, Olympia Center room 102
Together we’ll hang out and make some sweet shrink plastic objects that can be used for jewelry, or magnets or tokens of appreciation. Shrinky dinks are a fun and approachable medium for kids and adults alike!


How to Self-publish Your Book
Facilitated by OZF Guest of Honor Nia King
11 AM, MIXX 96 conference room

If you’ve been writing zines for a while, you already know how to promote and distribute your work and have experience building an audience. That means you already have many of the skills needed to self-publish a book and have it do well! This workshop will provide advice on how to make the switch from self-publishing zines to self-publishing books, including a walk-through of the CreateSpace self-publishing platform. Bring your questions!

You Matter, Always: A Suicide Awareness and Prevention Workshop
Facilitated by Nyxia Grey and Heather Kennedy
1:00 PM, MIXX 96 Conference Room

This workshop will focus on identifying suicidal warning signs, approaching the topic with a loved one, offering help and support, creating safety plans, and local and regional resources.

The last hour of the workshop will focus on zine pages that will give folks a chance to honor the memory of a loved one. The pages will go into a comp zine/memory book. Each participant will be mailed a copy of the finished zine with the rights to copy and distribute however they see fit. We encourage participants to bring photographs and/or other ephemera to incorporate into their zine page.

Correspondence Club with OZF organizers
3:00 PM, MIXX 96 conference room

Join us in closing out this year’s zine fest with a session of our beloved Correspondence Club, brought to you by the Olympia Zine Fest. Come write letters with us! Everyone is welcome. Typewriters, stationary, & writing implements will be provided. Feel free to bring other supplies to use or share! We’ll have addresses for some folks who are in need of mail support, but you can send your letters to anyone you please.