2016 Guest: Osa Atoe

Olympia Zine Fest 2016 Guest of Honor: Osa Atoe


Photo by David Ensminger

Osa Atoe is a 37-year-old Nigerian-American potter who has been active in punk and DIY culture for the past two decades. The first issue of her zine “Shotgun Seamstress” came out in 2006 when she lived in Portland, Oregon and the last five issues were made in New Orleans. The zine exists to represent a variety of experiences of black people in punk and related subcultures. Osa has been a teaching artist and also a show promoter for girl bands, queer bands and social justice fundraisers under the name No More Fiction.  She was a Maximum Rocknroll columnist 2009-2011, has toured with the People of Color Zine Project and won the Printed Matter Award for Artists in 2009. Osa has also played in dozens of bands over the years including New Bloods who put out a record on Kill Rock Stars in 2008. She currently lives with her partner and their two dogs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.