Featured Artist: Kidd Coyote

2018 Featured Artist: Kidd Coyote!


Kidd Coyote, also known as KC Monster, hails from a mountain made of muffins with waterfalls of ink, but now she lives in Olympia, WA. She considers herself radical, queer, hungry, and good with kids. KC gets mild attention for writing and illustrating semi-informative zines like Kale Kite Sword: A Constructive Guide to Hanging Out and RelationChips. They’re both brutal. She’s not super weird about pens but prefers black ink over blue ink. You can catch her dropping zines in the summer and scribbling in the winter. Find some of her stuff in Olympia’s local library and sometimes scattered around the innards of Gallery Boom. If you give her vegan candy, magical things will happen to you, just sayin.