2019 Expo


Tablers in Alphabetical Order

A Heart that Comes True37a
albert kong9b
Alecia Gatlin30a
Alex Wrekk & PBW Zine Distro27ab
Amanda Blix23b
Anchor and Star26a
Archive Six19ab
Artnoose/Ker-bloom! (guest of honor!)41ab
ASC for Healthy Communities22a
Aura Rose / Skilled in Adornment Press14a
Bear Cub Club35a
BlackFemPress – Melanie Stevens8b
Brain Salt29b
Charlie Birch40a
Christina Tran9a
craft or diy44a
Elijah Janka24a
Emme Williamson25b
Eyeball Burp Press37b
Flores Couture22b
Freak Fam21a
Glitter Riot Goods21b
Grant Rich7b
Habiba Abdul Rahim14b
Holly Reed Writing10a
Homeworld Zine39a
Hope Amico/ Gutwrench Press (guest of honor!)42ab
Info Tables! Ask yer questions here!43ab & 44b
Jess Driscoll39b
Jessica Wadleigh20b
Julia Cartales31b
Just Housing/Crumble Press4b
Kels Coker / Pink Realm31a
Last Word Books & Press15a
Living Room Press29a
Lyle Fogg26b
M. Sabine Rear30b
Moonwalker Club32b
Natalie Pogar1b
Natasha Richardson24b
never & døgtail nørth/oh! map books17a
Nicky Rodriguez40b
nicole gugliotti5b
No Takebacks17b
Olympia Timberland Library2ab
Orca Books Co-op1a
Papeachu Press8a
Planned Parenthood Action Council of Thurston5a
Rad Care/ Conspiracy of Geniuses13ab
Rhodora Jacob32a
Ryan Cox25a
Sarah Maloney11b
Shelley Pearson33a
Sweet Candy Distro & Press34ab
Sydney Chavan18a
The Corners of Their Mouth Press12b
The Undertold Histories Project12a
Timothy Murphy3a
Vivien M. Reh11a
Washington State Library3b
Wasting Time Magazine4a
What’s Up? Zine33b
WOC Zines: How to Live in the City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks38ab
Yarrow Magik15b
Youth tables! Buy zines from kids!35 ab & 36 ab
YWCA Olympia Youth Action Board6ab
Zines + Things20a

Tablers in Table Number Order

1 aOrca Books Co-op
1 bNatalie Pogar
2 abOlympia Timberland Library
3 aTimothy Murphy
3 bWashington State Library
4 aWasting Time Magazine
4 bJust Housing/Crumble Press
5 aPlanned Parenthood Action Council of Thurston
5 bnicole gugliotti
6 abYWCA Olympia Youth Action Board
7 bGrant Rich
8 aPapeachu Press
8 bBlackFemPress – Melanie Stevens
9 aChristina Tran
9 balbert kong
10 aHolly Reed Writing
11 aVivien M. Reh
11 bSarah Maloney
12 aThe Undertold Histories Project
12 bThe Corners of Their Mouth Press
13 abRad Care/ Conspiracy of Geniuses
14 aAura Rose / Skilled in Adornment Press
14 bHabiba Abdul Rahim
15 aLast Word Books & Press
15 bYarrow Magik
16 abCrimethInc.
17 anever & døgtail nørth/oh! map books
17 bNo Takebacks
18 aSydney Chavan
19 abArchive Six
20 aZines + Things
20 bJessica Wadleigh
21 aFreak Fam
21 bGlitter Riot Goods
22 aASC for Healthy Communities
22 bFlores Couture
23 a(glitsh)
23 bAmanda Blix
24 aElijah Janka
24 bNatasha Richardson (same as above)
25 aRyan Cox
25 bEmme Williamson
26 aAnchor and Star
26 bLyle Fogg
27 abAlex Wrekk & PBW Zine Distro
28 aPegacron
28 bSainezart
29 aLiving Room Press
29 bBrain Salt
30 aAlecia Gatlin
30 bM. Sabine Rear
31 aKels Coker / Pink Realm
31 bJulia Cartales
32 aRhodora Jacob
32 bMoonwalker Club
33 aShelley Pearson
33 bWhat’s Up? Zine
34 abSweet Candy Distro & Press
35 aBear Cub Club
35 b & 36 abYouth tables! Buy zines from kids!
37 aA Heart that Comes True
37 bEyeball Burp Press
38 abWOC Zines: How to Live in the City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks
39 aHomeworld Zine
39 bJess Driscoll
40 aCharlie Birch
40 bNicky Rodriguez
41 abArtnoose (guest of honor!)
42 abHope Amico/ Gutwrench Press (guest of honor!)
43 ab & 44bInfo table! Ask yer questions here!
44 acraft or diy